Monday, February 2, 2009

Need Help with the Borewell Project

Some of you may remember I had written a post about Borewell Deaths in India a while back.

My friend has come up with a plan for starting work on covering up these open pits. I have been roped in to write a brochure for her that she will use to contact people and get them to take action. I have also been assigned to task of naming the project. And I am drawing a blank here :(

Would really appreciate your creativity in coming up with something.

I just had a couple (very boring) names:

"Shut the Death-Traps"
"Borewells: Lets make them green"

Please help!


Bud-Wiser said...

eh..I just read this one. Wouldn't it make more sense to prevent people from leaving the pits open, spreading awareness about it, or taking the help of law or doing any goddamn thing to PREVENT it?Or do you guys really intend to go and plant a tree at every open pit?I mean, this can go forever.People will keep digging pits, you will keep running behind then with a sapling?

Simple analogy, if you want to remove a tree from your garden, will you keep cutting its branches hoping for the tree to understand one day and move out all by itself?

I mean, this is how we are suppose to confront problems, right? remove them from their very roots?

And depending on the place where the pit is dug, you might or might not be able to plant a tree.

If you guys still wana go ahead, my idea for the name of the project would be -->
'We-dont-intend-to-solve-the-very-problem' project.

aneri_masi said...

Thanks Chikki :) That's all I have to say to this burst of negativity, I suppose!

Arobindo said...

Dhkkan....??? Does this help.... Sorry if it doesn't...working with limited creativity....

lipi said...

'Bore not so well, board well'

Cheers to deaths minimised and then totally eradicated! And, may the well-borers bear some common sense in mind as they continue to quench thirsty throats and land.